Cat Show Etiquette

We thank you for coming to the show!

To help ensure a safe and enjoyable show for everyone, we ask that you keep the following in mind:


  • Do not walk into the judging rings to look at the cats in the judging cages. This is the only off limits area in a cat show. Most owners will be happy to show off their cats and answer any questions you may have while you walk through the benching area.

  • Watch out for people carrying cats and allow them to pass. People holding cats should always have the right of way - they are trying to get to and from a judging ring and keep the show on schedule

  • If you hear someone yell “CAT OUT!” please stand still and let the owner catch the cat. DO NOT TRY TO CATCH THE CAT!

  • Some cats are easily frightened by loud noises or sudden movements. If you have children with you, please do your best to contain their excitement and keep running and shouting to a minimum in the show hall.

  • Cats are susceptible to a large range of diseases which can be carried from cat to cat by human hands. Please do not pet any cat without asking the owner first. If the owner says “yes,” you may be asked to disinfect your hands first.

  • You are welcome to take pictures of all the cats in the hall, especially as they are being judged!